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Future Of Mobile Apps in 2020?

What Is The Future Of Mobile App Development Looks Like After The Impact Of 2020?


Since the last decade, one industry that has been synonymous with rapid developments is the mobile app development industry. This appears to be obvious due to all the changes surrounding it. Changes in customer demands, technological advancements, and other factors directly impacted the trends of mobile apps and their development. If we closely study this domain of mobile apps, then we will find that arguably the most vital factor of finding success in this field is by staying relevant as per the modern trends of the market.


Business leaders are constantly on the lookout for newer research patterns and trending factors to gain a competitive edge in the market race. These trends are crucial for mobile app sellers. They need to align with them to serve the requirements […]

Career Break- Should I hide it on my CV?

career gap

The is the most common thought job seekers come across, “I have a break in my career, should I disclose it on the CV or hide it ”

Last week while hiring for one of our clients, two candidates made it to the final round of interviews. One with a consistent experience and others on a career break due to valid reasons. They made an offer to the candidate who was currently on a career break. Thus, hiding a break on the CV is a short term fix, but it can cost you dearly in the long term. Today we will look at some common career breaks in India and what can be done about it.

1) Maternity Break/Break after […]